Why these illustrations?

Through my own experiences and times of just feeling alone, not always wanting to talk about how I felt. I spent time searching for ways to explain what was happening, or watched movies to consider other ways life can turn out. But in reality each person’s journey is their own and I never felt there was much discernment when depicting individual journeys it as always just a ‘happy ending’. In reality life is a multitude of ups and downs. But living in a society where a checklist of

  • School
  • Deciding a career
  • Finding a job
  • Finding your partner
  • Getting married

deemed when you are congratulated. I found it really difficult coming up to ‘the age’ of marriage and knowing I would be ‘shelved’. I didn’t find anything which made me feel like I had a place, especially in a culture where your marriage was the ultimate goal for your parents.

I decided to start writing about this experience amongst others as there was so much I felt and no where I could feel a connection. Through my journey came a myriad of mental health issues which I had to work through. I didn’t want others to feel like this and so my blog began and with my blog came my want to depict these emotions through illustrations. And the illustrations are what you see proudly placed on the middle. I want my illustrations to bring something to the wearer, so they know they are not alone during their times of need and there are others out there who feel the same or have felt the same. We need to start shifting how we view achievements and honour people’s feelings.

When I came up with the idea to have ‘T-shirts with feelings’, I didn’t want to add the countless amounts of material waste that is already damaging our planet, our home. I wanted to ensure my T-shirts didn’t impact our fragile home in a negative way. And so being ethical, organic and using renewable energy was integral to my brand.

I hope both my words, illustrations and T-shirts give you the feeling of the comfort blanket, I craved during these times.

All proceeds are donated to a different mental health organisation on a monthly basis. New products are also launched: hoodies, tote bags and kids t-shirts are now also available. Subscribe on the store to find out about free delivery and the ‘plant a tree’ imitative, where a tree is planted for every item you purchase.


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