About…..understanding me

A 33.83 year old who has had enough of stereotypes and ideals which are not attainable and thrust upon you.

I, write from the heart and give my opinion on things which have happened to me or situations I feel need to be discussed. I came out of a dark time and found nothing I could relate to and hope I can be that person someone else can relate to.

We spend to long hiding under a facade which has been imposed on us by society and what people think is ‘right’. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and embrace how we want to be.

I want to push my own boundaries and hope I am able to push some of society.

Unnecessary facts to know about me….

Age: 33.83

Favourite colour: Blue, I like wearing green and am currently partial to pink

Favourite food: Lebanese, Japanese and home cooked Indian

Hobbies: Trying to add more but currently, reading, weight/strength training, travelling, writing, fashion and making jewellery.

I would like to add, motor racing to this list too.

Currently reading: Cosmos, Carl Sagan

Most likely to find me doing: Thinking about what clothes to wear, at the gym, having some issue with society and buying things, not only clothes and shoes. You take me into any shop I will find something to purchase

Interesting fact that no one knows about me: ermmm nothing, I seem to end up telling someone everything about me

Obsessed with: Pearls, velvet,taking pictures, driving, looking at the stars, eating peanut butter and buying T-shirts

Pet peeves: People being inconsiderate in trains, cars, whilst walking or just anywhere really, being told what to do and cruelty to animals (this list will get longer)